Using Dropbox as your Personal Recipe Box

There are tons of recipe and cooking applications, but how do you keep all of your recipes from various sources together?  My favorite way is Dropbox.  We have already talked about using Dropbox as a backup, installing Dropbox, and sharing folders on Dropbox.  Let’s take that a step further into the kitchen!

By creating a folder on your dropbox for recipes, you can consolidate recipes, share them, and view them on your ipad / iphone while at the grocery store, or in the kitchen.

Creating Dropbox Folder

  • Open your “Dropbox” folder, and create a new folder to store recipes (you can call it Recipes, or Family Recipes, or something else to distinguish it).  If you need help creating a folder, visit the Folders tutorial.

Adding Recipes to Folder

Sharing and Collaborate Recipes

Viewing on your iPhone / iPad

  • Download the Dropbox application on your iPhone or iPad
  • Open application, and log in if you haven’t already
  • Find your “Recipes” folder
    Dropbox Folder List
  • Find the recipe you would like to view
    recipe list in dropbox
  • Tap to view it
    carrot cake on dropbox

Now you just need to make some apple pie!

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